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Sleep Wellness

How to Make Your Bedroom Your Happy Place

Woman Drinking Coffee Reading on Bed

When returning home after a stressful day, there’s nothing better than retreating to a relaxing, zen-like bedroom. Spend time thinking about what calms you down and brings you peace of mind. Doing so will guide you to the perfect bedding and decor – all designed to help you chill in just the right ways.

“Choose fabrics and colors that foster a peaceful, serene mood,” says Gryphon designer Cortney Conrad. “I suggest pastels, pale gray or blue tones – nothing too bold as this can over-stimulate the brain when you’re trying to wind down.”

Decor is another important part of transforming your bedroom into a restful sanctuary. Minimal accents, comforting objects, and air-purifying greenery are some easy ways to set the right mood. Accent your space with a fluffy sheepskin rug, a hygge style throw or some wispy curtains. Place comforting objects like a childhood toy or a family heirloom on your nightstand. All of this can promote relaxation and help calm the mind when you’re ready to doze.

Greenery like an Aloe Vera or succulent will boost oxygen levels in the room and act as a natural air-purifier allowing for enhanced rejuvenation while you grab your eight hours.  

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