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Gryphon Makes Eco-Friendly Bedding

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Today you have hundreds of companies to choose from when you’re shopping for luxury bedding. When you’re looking for luxury and eco-friendliness, however, Gryphon is one of very few companies making luxurious eco-friendly cotton bedding in its own factories.

Did You Know Cotton is one of the world’s dirtiest crops?

Because cotton uses pesticides that are harmful to humans, animals, soil, and water, it’s considered one of the world’s ‘dirtiest’ crops. So, it can be pretty alarming to think about the amount of non-organic cotton we use every day.

That’s why we’re proud of the fact that we make our bedding from eco-friendly Supima® cotton. This California-grown cotton is highly environmentally regulated, 100% machine picked and certified by the BCI.

About BCI:

BCI or The Better Cotton Initiative promotes sustainable cotton production. It covers all three areas of sustainability: environmental, social and economic. Their approach makes BCI farmers follow seven core principles:

  • Reduce the harmful impact of crop protection practices
  • Promote water stewardship
  • Care for the health of soil
  • Enhance biodiversity
  • Care for and preserve fiber quality
  • Create decent work conditions
  • Operate an effective management system
  • By sticking to these rules, BCI Farmers make cotton in a way that’s better for the environment and farming communities.

    Because our product is made with sustainable Supima® cotton that isn’t treated with bleach or toxic dyes, you can rest easy.

    Gryphon Home

    Because our product is made with sustainable Supima® cotton that isn’t treated with bleach or toxic dyes, you can rest easy. We make each Gryphon product in our self-owned factories where we have strict sustainability rules. Our commitment doesn’t stop at production, either. And we work with other eco-conscious companies to keep our packaging as eco-friendly as possible, too.

    In conclusion, we choose a road less traveled. A road to a smaller eco-footprint and a healthy future for our customers and factory workers. By sourcing reclaimed and recycled materials and partnering with sustainable companies, we’re making a difference for the planet. Want to know more? Scroll down for facts about Gryphon’s environmental responsibility.

    Eco-friendly Practices:

  • Our Bahrain factory has reduced water use by 60% over the past ten years and we’re able to reuse over 50% of consumed water for reuse
  • The Chipley plant recycles 83% of its waste and our Bahrain facility recycles 69% of its waste
  • The Bahrain factory is certified under the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, meaning we don’t use harmful chemicals during the manufacturing process
  • Each of our manufacturing facilities has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 45% over the past seven years
  • We use UL Responsible Sourcing to manage social and security checks at all of our vendor locations. Social compliance covers issues including Environmental Compliance, Worker Safety, Human Rights and Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) compliance
  • In 2017, the recycled fiber used by our Chipley plant added up to 1,477,591 pounds – the equivalent of 26,597,429 sixteen-ounce soft drink bottles. This saved 5,466 cubic yards of landfill space and saved 18,523,549 cubic feet of natural gas
  • Operate an effective management system
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