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How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets?

Hint: It’s more often than you think.

We spend an entire third of our lives in bed. That equals almost sixty hours per week of sweat, dead skin cells, and body oils lurking in between the sheets. Because of this, washing your sheets is important for many reasons – especially health.

First of all, washing your sheets keeps you healthy.

Washing your sheets keeps you healthy by getting rid of dust, sweat, bacteria, and other impurities that disturb your sleeping sanctuary. When you wash your sheets correctly, it stops the growth of bacteria and fends off odors too!

Also, It can help you sleep better. 

In a recent bedroom poll by the National Sleep Foundation, approximately ¾ of the people polled said they got a more comfortable night’s sleep on clean, fresh-smelling sheets.

More importantly, who doesn’t love clean sheets? 

More than 3/4  of people who take this survey explain that they are more excited to go to bed when their sheets are clean and fresh smelling. Who doesn’t enjoy a clean set of sheets when turning in?

How often should you wash your sheets?

According to experts, the consensus seems to be once a week. For those who sweat a lot during sleep, they recommend washing your sheets more frequently. Naturally, if someone is sick or under-the-weather sheets need to be washed immediately along with the duvet and pillow. 

How should you wash them?

Choose a detergent with a pleasant scent or use an unscented detergent (it’s gentler on your skin.) Wash your sheets in warm or hot water to truly disinfect and remove allergens from the fibers. Dry on a low setting to prevent wrinkling, or if you’re feeling eco-conscious, you can line dry your sheets for a super-fresh scent. If your sheets are dingy or stained, use a non-chlorine bleach to brighten them up.

Bonus: Use a healthy mattress protector to keep your bed even cleaner! 

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