Care Instructions

Tips For Care

Be gentle…

The world’s best bedding lasts longer when you wash it alone in warm water on the gentle cycle and tumble dry at a low temperature.

For Best Results

When you use your Gryphon Home products, avoid harsh chemicals like benzoyl peroxide (found in acne cream), and alpha hydroxy acid (found in beauty cream,) because they can cause discoloration. Also, avoid using bleach, as it can break down cotton fibers and fade colored fabrics.

Avoid washing your bedding with clothes that have zippers, hooks, etc. because these can cause unwanted pilling or snagging. It is recommended that you wash your bedding often to remove any buildup.

To stop wrinkling, remove your bedding from the dryer promptly and fold or put them back on your bed immediately - this reduces wrinkles by 90%.

Good news…

We don’t use artificial softeners or harmful chemicals on our fabrics. When you buy our bedding, you’re getting the most natural, environmentally friendly fabric out there. Sleep, wash, repeat…The more you wash your Gryphon bedding, the softer it gets.